How to fix SHAREit repeated crashes?

Then the recipient should start the connection provided by the sender, and the latter must scan the code on the recipient’s display.

By doing this, the recipient will have access to all of the supported files in your telephone, like photos. After that you can drag and drop documents.

On Android, matters are different for your recipient has to be joined to the sender’s hotspot. To get it, tap the icon in the top-right corner in your home screen and choose SHAREit. Then pick the documents and join the recipient’s apparatus to the hotspot. After that, start the specified link and your document will be accessible.


Remember, when you click on images in a bunch, and everybody is like,’send me’ Generally, you would discuss it with them separately using the SHAREit program. But a trendy feature is offered from the Android SHAREit program that dissuade you from doing it several times. Called Group Share, your buddies join the group which you’ve created, and everybody in the group can send documents to other people.To get it, tap the icon in the top-right corner and choose Form Share out of it.


Another cool feature you might not have ever utilized is Chat Zone. Offered in both the Android and iPhone, this attribute enables you to pre-select documents which are going to be found by everybody with whom you join later on utilizing SHAREit. You may add or remove files in the Chat Zone. It supports music, video, and APK documents only.

To remove or add files in Chat Zone, tap the profile image icon in the top-left corner at the home screen of this program. Then, pick Share Zone out of it. Here it is possible to alter the contents of Chat Zone.

To see files out there in Chat Zone, join with a sender/receiver as you normally do with sending or receiving a document. On the sharing display, you’ll come across the Chat Zone in the very top. Harness it. Here you’ll discover the files inserted to Share Zone from another party.

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