The Power of the Blood of Jesus

Since the fall of Man in Eden, men have sought after capacity to satisfy egotistical wants. “Power” originates from the Latin, potis, signifying, “to be capable” and “quality, life and control”. Men look for capacity to trying to control other men (political, financial), regular assets (land, assets) and even life itself (life span, wellbeing). Through the obtaining and utilization of influence, men would like to increment physical delight (riches, assets, erotic, sexual) and passionate/mental joy (satisfaction, pride, ravenousness, desire).


Man’s quest for power is pointless for it doesn’t prompt enduring satisfaction because of Original Sin. Present day Man has overseen nature (agribusiness, climate, atomic science, fabricating), human life (hereditary qualities, restorative innovation) and over the quest for satisfaction (brain research, theory, correspondences and media). Be that as it may Esboço de pregação sobre libertação, Man’s developing force through headways in science/innovation has not fulfilled Man. Labor is weak, for it offers just the void in assets, the uneasiness of contention/war, the brief guilty pleasure of egotistical want and can not maintain a strategic distance from the irrevocability of death. Man’s worthless getting a handle on for power doesn’t bring enduring harmony and satisfaction.

The Power of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ shows His capacity in dumbfounding manners:

Has the intensity of Creation – Present at Creation, Jesus Christ partakes in the total intensity of the Father (John 1:1-5).

Has huge physical power – Jesus Christ bears 40 days in the desert without eating (Luke 4:2). Jesus carries on with a physically requesting life as a first century woodworker and as nomad evangelist; one source recommends Jesus voyaged nearly the perimeter of the earth; 25,000 miles.

Has a ground-breaking individual nearness – People are awed by the individual nearness of Jesus. His quality pulls in: Wise men (Matt 2:1), pupils (Matt 4:18-22) and groups (Matt 4:25). His Divine nature radiates through His human instinct as a part of His character and physical appearance (His body, face, and especially His look (Luke 6:20; Mark 3:5)). Jesus stands up to the dealers and moneychangers and without any help clears the monstrous (35 sections of land) sanctuary territory (John 2:15).

Has the ability to maintain a strategic distance from physical compulsion – Jesus bafflingly can stay away from furious groups who try to control or slaughter him (Matt 12:15, Luke 4:30, John 6:15).

Has incredible recuperating power – Jesus Christ shows His domain by mending all diseases including those of the skin (Mark 1:40-45), bones (Luke 6:6-11; 13:10-17), sensory system (Luke 9:37-42), inward organs (Mark 5:24-34), the eyes (Matt 9:27-31) the earsmark (7:31-37), the tongue (Matt 9:32-34) and a cut off ear (Luke 22:47-53). This power is unmistakable and genuine and emanates from Him (Luke 6:19; 8:44).

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